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    Roma Singh: Among the big list of Flops and Disasters this year, four more films are set to release tomorrow and one among them is Badmashiyaan starring Sharib Hashmi, Sidhant Gupta, Suzzana Mukherjee, Karan Mehra and Gunjan Malhotra. The film doesn’t really has much expectations and can work only if word of mouth is excellent.

    Gautam Batra: Badmashiyaan’s story revolves around a con girl Nari (Suzzana Mukherjee) who uses men for some materialistic benefits. Dev (Sidhant Gupta) & Jazzy (Sharib Hashmi) fall for her and how she use them makes the story. Also there are characters like Palak (Gunjan Malhotra) and Pinkesh (Karan Mehra). Detailing will lead to spoilers and I’ve no intention to do that so watch the film to know more about it.

    Roma Singh: How is the Screenplay of film? Its Entertaining or not?

    Gautam Batra: Screenplay of Badmashiyaan has nothing to talk about. The whole story has nothing and even the characters are so badly written that talking about screenplay becomes meaningless. The film starts and ends, and one asks himself the purpose behind this story.

    Also the film has been narrated in such a poor manner that almost every scene is repeated two or three times which will irritate the audience. There is absolutely nothing you can like about it.


    Roma Singh: What about Performances and Direction?

    Gautam Batra: Sharib Hashmi does a good job. His performance is the only thing which slightly grips the audience to seats. His comic timing is very good. Sidhant Gupta does fine job. Karan Mehra hardly impress. Suzzana Mukherjee doesn’t looks heroine material. She needs lot of improvement in her body language, expressions and performance. Gunjan Malhotra is decent.

    Amit Khanna’s Direction is okey.

    Roma Singh: How is Music and other Technical Aspects?

    Gautam Batra: Music is much better than the film. Background Score is average. Cinematography is good. Editing is nice.

    Roma Singh: What is your Final Verdict and Rating?

    Gautam Batra: Skip Badmashiyaan unless you are addicted of watching every Bollywood film in theaters.

    Rating : 2/5

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