Best Bollywood masala Films in last 10 years

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    Masala genre is most popular and most misused genre of Bollywood. A masala film is 50% guarantee of success but modern filmmakers have started taking it as a shortcut towards money. In past some years we have seen some really bad masala films and the result is that audience is losing faith on this genre.

    But when there is bad, there is good also. We bring you a list of Bollywood masala in last 10 years (2005-14) films that are a treat to watch and are among the most entertaining films of recent times.

    Note: Films are sorted yearly.

    1. Kick (2014)

    Kick New Poster

    Kick opened to thunderous response at boxoffice this year and trended very well. The film was loved by audience and emerged biggest grosser of 2014.

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