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    Anushka NH10

    Roma Singh: NH10 – One of the most awaited films of first quarter of this year has finally released in cinemas today. This film lead by Anushka Sharma, Neil Bhoopalam, Darshan Kumaar in star cast, Navdeep Singh as Director and Eros International, Phantom Productions and Clean Slate Films as Producers is expected to be some hard hitting stuff which may also heal some wounds of distributors and exhibitors. So lets see, is the film worth talking about and worth watching in theaters.

    Gautam Batra: Meera(Anushka Sharma) and Arjun (Neil Bhoopalam) set on for a Holiday Weekend on her Birthday. The objective is to have some quality time together but little do they know that the “National Highway 10″ they have chosen to reach the destination will prove to biggest wrong turn of their life. What happens… You have to watch the film to know…

    Roma Singh: Is the film a gripping affair and to how much extent it has thrilling value?

    Gautam Batra: NH10’s screenplay is easily one of the best if we consider the thrillers released in recent past. While the film is totally edge of the seat thriller, the biggest thing that goes on its side is its uncompromised content. The film seriously stands out of the list of those thrillers in which blood shed and cuss words are cut down by Censor and hence the authenticity is diluted. Also there is nothing that has gone over the board. Violence and Cuss words are used as per the requirement of script and this is the thing where the writers deserve accolades.

    Coming to the rest part of the script, the narration style of the film is totally engrossing. How a couple who just wants to spend good time with each other gets stuck in a situation, where there is no option other then Kill or get Killed. The whole thing is presented in very fine manner.

    The film is not just a narration of self survival from the bad but also hits you hard by telling the gruesome reality of the society we live in. Overall, the writers and makers deserve double appreciation. First of all for making such a film and then for making it with conviction and for wide section of audience. This is the film everyone needs to watch at this particular time.

    The only thing where the film could’ve been better was the ending. The end part of the film looks less satisfying.

    Roma Singh: And what about the Performances and Direction?

    Gautam Batra: Anushka Sharma is just brilliant as Meera. She plays the difficult role with so much ease and her performance is not worth missing. The point where she speaks that Bloody “F” word is killing and gets lot of claps. I hope to see more from Anushka in future.

    Neil Bhoopalam is fine in his limited role. Darshan Kumaar is restricted and has hardly much to do. Deepti Naaval is the cracker of film and gives very good performance in very small appearance. Others provide good support.

    Navdeep Singh’s Direction is excellent. He has crafted everything with brilliance and deserves the praise.

    Roma Singh: How is the Music and Technical Aspects of film?

    Gautam Batra: Music doesn’t covers much part of the narrative which works in the favor of film. Background Score is gripping. Cinematography is very good. Editing is sharp.

    Roma Singh: Your Final Verdict and Rating?

    Gautam Batra: NH10 is not a typical entertainer and exactly opposite to what masses like but it is a must watch for them and everyone who belongs to our society. You must watch this film for its engaging yet scary and hard hitting nature (Weak Hearted People Can Skip).

    Rating : 3.5 / 5

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