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    PK is an upcoming comedy drama film starring Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Sanjay Dutt & Sushant Singh Rajput in lead. The film is Directed by Rajkumar Hirani and is set to release on 19th Dec.

    Trailer Analysis: Perception:

    Ever since the film was announced, there were several versions of film’s plot floating around. Several stills from the film were released which made people think that Aamir is playing some one from another planet. Then posters released and excitement became larger about what actually this film is carrying for us. Now the teaser also does a clever job of increasing the excitement and not revealing the actual identity of PK. The teaser has Anushka Sharma giving a sneakpeak to PK’s character. Although, the teaser doesn’t reveals who is PK but one thing it does; Promises something that everyone will love to see. This one surely creates perception of something really great coming up.

    Trailer Analysis: Star Value:

    Every actor in the film looks in full form and is promising great performances and interesting roles. However Sushant Singh Rajput gets very little space in the promo.

    Trailer Analysis: Technical Aspects & Music:

    Film looks technically strong too. Music looks entertaining.

    Overall, PK trailer is an interesting watch and promises an amazing film coming up for all of us.

    Rating : 4/5

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