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Wassupbollywood brings you first of its kind, most accurate, most reliable, advanced as well as flexible system to judge star power of Bollywood stars. We have named the system as Wassupbollywood Star War.  Have a look as we explain it below: Wassupbollywood Star War judges star power of Bollywood Stars on the basis of their Boxoffice Pull. Opening day business of a particular star’s film is taken into consideration to get the results because after that WOM decides where the film will go & star cast has very less role. We believe that voting can never give accurate results of Star Power because some person voting for ABC star doesn’t guarantees to come & watch his film in theaters. Also the sample sizes always remain limited, no matter how big the survey is. WSW calculates Rank & Power of a particular star purely on the basis of following points:

1. Average % Contribution in the opening of his last 5 films: With the help of some complex algorithms & formulas we calculate the contribution of a Particular star in the opening of his last 5 films individually. To reach a final result we take the average of all the 5 films. Average Contribution of a star is variable and changes with every new release that enters & oldest release that gets out of the chart. For Example ABC star’s last film has taken a 25 crore opening. We calculate what was his contribution in such opening excluding the contribution of Promotions, Music, Trailers, Co-Stars, Banner, Director & Brand. Same is done for all his previous 4 films and the average we get is the final nett contribution that is used in next step. Average % Contribution of every star in multi starrer film(s) is calculated separately.

2. After calculating the Average % Contribution of ABC star, we concentrate in understanding the performance of his last 5 films. We follow these points to do so:

a) A particular threshold figure is set at a rate that would be regarded as a good opening day for a film in that particular time.

b) One point is given to the film for every 10 lakhs it crosses the threshold. One point is taken off every 10 lakh that a film stays below the threshold. Eg Threshold 13 cr, Opening Business 25 crore means 120 points.

c)  The points stay for 12 months from release date. After 12 months 10% of the points is deducted every month so after 22 months the film’s value becomes zero and is not included in the chart. Films with minus values  have 10% added after 12 months so their value is also zero after 22 months. If the film has a value of zero its stays as it is for the whole 22 months. A 12 month old film has less value to the current star situation but cannot also be washed away and so it is slowly petered out in the Wassupbollywood Star War.

d) Extended/Special appearances and delayed films are not included. Films that have a smaller release than normal are also not included as they have little chance of getting near thresholds.

e) Stars that have sustained more than 10 years in industry and have done atleast 3 solo films in last 5 years will be given +1 point every year for crossing 10 year milestone.

f) Stars that do more than 3 films in 12 months will be given 10% increment in Total Points under “Special Contribution Increment.

Threshold Figures 2007

4th Quarter – 5 crore


1st Quarter – 5.25 crore

2nd Quarter – 5.5  crore

3rd Quarter – 5.75 crore

4th Quarter – 6 crore


1st Quarter – 6.25 crore

2nd Quarter – 6.5 crore

3rd Quarter – 6.75 crore

4th Quarter – 7 crore


1st Quarter – 7.5 crore

2nd Quarter – 8 crore

3rd Quarter – 8.5 crore

4th Quarter – 9 crore


1st Quarter – 9.5 crore

2nd Quarter – 10 crore

3rd Quarter – 10.5 crore

4th Quarter – 11 crore


1st Quarter – 11.5 crore

2nd Quarter – 12 crore

3rd Quarter – 12.5 crore

4th Quarter – 13 crore


1st Quarter – 13.5 crore

2nd Quarter – 14 crore

3rd Quarter – 14.5 crore

4th Quarter – 15 crore


1st Quarter – 15.5 crore

2nd Quarter – 15.75 crore

3rd Quarter – 16 crore

4th Quarter – 16.25 crore


1st Quarter – 16.5 crore

3. After Opening Day Business, the Verdict & Overall run of film also affects the stardom of a star. For example A star can fetch good opening for his film, but in case it doesn’t goes well with audience and couldn’t make it to expectations the points of that particular star will be affected. We follow following point system for every Verdict a new film gets.

a) All Time Blockbuster : +40% Of Total Points

b) Blockbuster  : +30% Of Total Points

c) Super Hit: +20% Of Total Points

d) Hit: +10% Of Total Points

e) Semi Hit: -10% Of Total Points

f) Above Average: -20% Of Total Points

g) Average : -30% Of Total Points

h) Below Average : -40% Of Total Points

i) Flop: -50% Of Total Points

j) Disaster: -60% Of Total Points

After understanding the film’s performance & star’s contribution with the help of above given factors, we finally calculate the points ABC star deserves for his movies. Same Process is followed for every star and a comparative chart is updated weekly that finally tells their Ranking. Note: 3rd Factor is newly introduced to increase the efficiency of system. It is Applicable from 6th June 2014 and doesn’t has any effect on films released in past.

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